General terms and conditions of business


These General Terms and Conditions apply to all orders and contracts from the Onlineshop

The acceptance of an offer or the placing of an order implies the acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions.

Deviations from these terms and conditions are possible only after written or electronic notification or written or electronic consent of Surcor Stanislaw Surdel, in which case the remaining provisions remain in full force.

Offer and prices

The offers of Surcor Stanislaw Surdel on the Internet represent a non-binding offer to the customer to order goods and services. By ordering the desired goods and services on the Internet, the customer makes a binding offer to conclude a purchase contract. An order is only concluded by order confirmation via e-mail or delivery. The prices listed at the time of the order apply as prices. The prices are - unless otherwise stated - gross prices in CHF.

Price fluctuations during the execution of the order cannot be taken into account. Errors and mistakes in the online store do not oblige to sell the goods. All technical information on individual products is based on the manufacturer's specifications and is binding within this framework. Surcor Stanislaw Surdel reserves the right at any time to cancel both confirmed and unconfirmed orders and to immediately refund to the customer any advance payments already made.


The goods and services are delivered within Switzerland and the EU area. The execution of the order begins after receipt of payment. Deliveries are made ex warehouse Biel at the expense and risk of the buyer. We are entitled to deliver at any time from another location, e.g. directly from the manufacturer's plant.

Partial deliveries and partial performance by us are permissible at any time. Disruptions in business operations for which we are not responsible, in particular work stoppages and lockouts, as well as cases of force majeure which are based on an unforeseeable event for which we are not responsible and which lead to serious operational disruptions both for us and for our upstream suppliers, shall extend the delivery period accordingly.

Delivery time

A binding indication of delivery times / execution times does not take place. If products are in stock, they will be shipped by A-mail, B-mail or express delivery, as requested by the buyer. Delayed arrival, regardless of the cause, in no case entitles to a deduction of the invoice amount and are not the basis for a claim for compensation. This applies in particular also in the event that the Customer has to rent a replacement product due to the delay in delivery. Andline also disclaims any liability for delays in forward transactions on the part of the Customer.


Complaints may only be made in writing without undue delay, at most within five days of delivery and prior to use of the goods and if the possibility of immediate inspection by us is given, stating the exact nature of the complaint. This shall also apply in the event that the goods are not handed over directly to the purchaser but to a third party named by the purchaser or if the purchaser forwards the goods on his part. If a defect is discovered later, a complaint must also be made immediately and within a maximum of one week after discovery of the defect. Regardless of the notice of defects, the goods must be accepted and stored properly.

Transport damage

In the event of transport damage prior to acceptance and unloading of the goods, an immediate damage report must be made by the railroad, post office, forwarding agent, etc., and a written certificate must be obtained from the damage-reporting agency. Any costs incurred in this respect shall be borne by the losing party.


We shall not be liable for defects which have arisen as a result of incorrect handling, normal wear and tear or through external influence. In the event of repairs to the goods carried out by the purchaser or by third parties without our written consent, the warranty claim against us shall expire. The purchaser shall be responsible for safeguarding any rights of recourse against third parties. We provide warranty for those items which are unusable or considerably impaired in their usability due to defective material or poor workmanship. We cannot provide a warranty for damage caused by unsuitable or improper use or handling of the delivery item, faulty assembly or commissioning by the purchaser or third parties or natural wear and tear. In the event of justified notices of defects, we shall be entitled, at our discretion, either to remedy the defects or to take back the goods with crediting of the invoiced amount or to provide a replacement free of charge within a reasonable period of time. The purchaser shall not be entitled to any other claims of any kind, in particular also compensation for damages not relating to the delivered goods themselves, consequential damages or due to delayed delivery, or claims arising from tort, either against our employees and vicarious agents or against us. Variations in the quality and appearance of the goods which are customary in the trade or which are technically unavoidable shall not entitle the Buyer to give notice of defects. The buyer must grant us the necessary time and opportunity to carry out the repair or replacement delivery. Otherwise we shall be released from our warranty obligation.

8. warranty services

A warranty case occurs if the purchased item has a defect during normal commercial use.

Please note:

We are happy to advise and support you, but point out that only the manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase of the end customer takes effect and the device must be sent by the end customer with its invoice to the manufacturer.

There is no warranty for:

- Heavily worn, used or broken items.

- Water damage, repair and opening marks

- Clearly visible mechanical damage caused by force

Returns and exchanges

Goods delivered by us will only be taken back with our prior written consent. Defective items must always be returned to us by the end customer complete with all accessories and in the original packaging, otherwise they will be returned unprocessed and subject to a charge.

After consultation with the customer, defective items under warranty will be exchanged and replaced with equivalent brands or items.

All returns made after approval by us will travel at the risk and expense of the sender. Shipments must reach us free of all transportation and transportation insurance charges, as well as any other incidental charges (e.g., delivery charge). Returns whose delivery is freight collect or even cash on delivery will not be accepted. Translated with (free version)

All returns made after approval by us travel at the risk and expense of the sender. The shipments must reach us free of all transport and transport insurance costs as well as other possible additional costs (e.g. delivery fee). Returns whose delivery is freight collect or even cash on delivery will not be accepted.

Expiry of the manufacturer's warranty

Repair services that are not provided by the manufacturer itself will result in the expiration of the manufacturer's warranty. Surcor Stanislaw Surdel assumes no liability for the loss of manufacturer's warranty.

Limitation of liability

Further claims of the customer, no matter for which legal reasons, are excluded. Surcor Stanislaw Surdel is therefore not liable for damages that are not on the delivery item itself. 


The data transmitted by you are treated by Surcor Stanislaw Surdel strictly confidentially. A passing on of the data to third parties (e.g. dispatch services) takes place from us only, if this is necessary for the order handling. We assume no liability for data security during transmission via the Internet (e.g. due to technical errors of the provider) or for possible criminal access by third parties to files on our website.

Retention of title

The products delivered by Surcor Stanislaw Surdel remain the property of Surcor Stanislaw Surdel until Surcor Stanislaw Surdel has received the purchase price in full and in accordance with the contract and the products have been shipped to the customer.


All third-party logos, images and graphics displayed are the property of the respective companies and are subject to the copyright of the respective licensors. All photos, logos, texts, reports, scripts and programming routines displayed on these pages, which are our own developments or have been prepared by us, may not be copied or otherwise used without our consent. All rights reserved.


Surcor Stanislaw Surdel has no influence if articles are taken out of the program by their suppliers and are therefore no longer available or have been changed in type, design or price. Should Surcor Stanislaw Surdel be offered a substitute article by the supplier at the same price, Surcor Stanislaw Surdel will inform the customers about it. A claim for damages because of no longer available articles can not be asserted against us. Price changes of individual articles reserve themselves the Surcor Stanislaw Surdel.


All legal relations and contracts are subject to Swiss law. Place of jurisdiction is the company headquarters.

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