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is a natural product that, in addition to other foods, contributes to meeting the daily needs of magnesium. It is suitable as a salt in the preparation of the food, in addition it is contained in some mineral waters. Magnesium chloride can be given at the correct dose:

- support the function of the muscles,

- prevent arthritis and bone loss and,

- the nervous balance,

- strengthen the immune system,

- prevent arterial calcification and

- thus protect against myocardial infarction and stroke.

It is important that you make sure for yourself which health benefits magnesium chloride brings for you. European legislation prohibits us from making any statements or promises about the health benefits of magnesium chloride. We can not express medical opinions because we are not allowed to. You could find lots of information on the internet and discuss the effects of magnesium chloride with your doctor.

Legal note on food supplements:
Do not exceed the daily intake of food supplements. Nutritional supplementation is not a substitute for a balanced and nutrient-rich diet. Food supplements should be stored out of the reach of children. Food or food supplements are not, as far as the legislator is concerned, able to cure, alleviate or prevent diseases. We expressly point out that all content is for general informational purposes only. This is not a health consultation. The published information does not in any way constitute a substitute for medical / therapeutic consultations or treatments. In case of a presumed disease, consult a physician or naturopath of your confidence.

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