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Quantum Therapy with Rikta for self treatment

70.00 CHF tax incl.

70.00 CHF per Woche/Miete-Week/rent-Semaine/louer

Quantum Therapy Device Rikta for SELF TREATMENT

SFR 70 rent per week

Quantum medicine combines the ancient knowledge of Chinese healing art (TCM) with the scientific knowledge of modern particle and quantum physics. Quantum Therapy is a bio-information therapy that can activate the organism bioenergetically. 

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The Quantum Therapy Device RIKTA is based on 4 active factors:

  • Pulse-Infrared Laser Radiation
  • Pulsating broadband infrared radiation
  • Pulsating red light
  • Permanent magnetic field

Effect and scope of quantification with RIKTA

  • Relief of acute and chronic pain due to high light-energy supply
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Activation of the metabolism by feeding nutrients and oxygen
  • Improved transport of pollutants from the cells
  • High antioxidant effect
  • Cell regeneration and cell renewal (anti-aging effect)
  • Increased performance
  • Stessabbau, promoting relaxation and better sleep
  • Faster recovery after injuries and better wound healing


Therapeutic efficacy:

Higher effectiveness of medications and therapies. This shortened hospital stays and rehabilitation measures

Clinical efficacy:

Rikta can be used in practically all medical fields. This includes:

- Cardiology

- Neurology

- Surgery

- Urology

- dermatology and sports medicine.

By harmonizing the energy system, the self-healing forces are mobilized and the immune system is naturally strengthened

Other effects:

A: Clinical effects of infrared laser radiation

Activation of the protein synthesis · Activation of the enzymes · Improvement of the microcirculation · Harmonization of the biochemical blood composition and the blood state · Regeneration of the tissue · Enhancement of the collagen synthesis · Pain relief or pain relief · Cholesterol level reduction · Stimulation of the defense systems · Strong antioxidation effect

B: Clinical effects of broad-area infrared radiation

Light warming of the tissue structure · Effect on the receptors in the skin and increase of the pain threshold · Activation of the blood microcirculation · Prevention and improvement of cellulite · Enhancement of the epithelium and the skin · Deepening of the penetration of laser rays into the tissue

C: Clinical effects of red light local analgesic effect

Improvement of blood circulation · Antiguctant effect · Express therapeutic effect in the area of ​​the joints, which have a large amount of loose connective tissue

D: Clinical effects of the permanent magnetic field
Pain relief or pain relief · Increase of the cell potential · Improvement of the cell structures · Enhancement of the Antigschulst effect  

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