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Essential Amino Acids 420 Tablets Amino Pattern MAP

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49.00 CHF per 300 vegane Tabletten

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MAP - The Revolution in Amino Acids Research and in protein nutrition!  

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MAP is a discovery from nature and based on legumes. Its crystalline structure and receptivity of 99% make MAP the healthiest and most effective source of proteinfor sick people, athletes andall other people.

Learn the truth about protein and why MAP can take their health to a new level.
MAP - pure crystalline amino acids - no additives!

Amino acids improve regeneration

Multi essential amino pattern amino acids are vegan and are available in their free, crystalline form. They include L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine, L-phenylalanine, L-lysine, L-threonine, L-methionine and L-tryptophan to provide an optimal ratio of the eight essential amino acids for the human amino acid pattern.

The 8 essential amino acids can not be produced by the human body itself and must be absorbed through the diet.

Product facts essential amino acid tablets

1,000 mg of pure amino acids per tablet
contains all 8 essential amino acids
easily swallowable and divisible tablets
gluten free
suitable for vegan diet
without magnesium stearate

Multi essential Amino Pattern is optimally suited for ...

the enhancement and supplementation of the daily diet physically hard-working people 

People with inadequate amino acid intake such as vegetarians and vegans 

Persons with impaired intake and utilization of dietary protein

Persons with lactose intolerance
Stress and stress
Recreational and competitive athletes
Participants in metabolic cures
providing essential amino acids especially to people in special physiological circumstances such as the elderly, pregnant women, nursing mothers, growing children, regenerating people

Individual consumption recommendation:

Contrary to the normal consumption recommendation, you can also adjust the intake of the APOrtha® amino-pattern amino acids individually.

Your personal daily dosage for a basic diet with the essential amino acids is calculated as follows: 1 tablet per 10 kg body weight + 2 tablets.Example: at 80 kg body weight 8 x 1 tablet + 2 tablets = 10 tablets per day.

For the maximum benefit from your protein intake, we recommend the following intake schedule: take three quarters of the daily dose for the three main meals and a quarter of the daily dose at bedtime.

Or: During intense exercise 30 minutes before exercise take two thirds of the daily dose and immediately after exercise one third of the daily dose in addition to the daily dose.

What are amino acids?

Since amino acids occur in almost every body tissue, they are also called building blocks of life. Meanwhile, scientists have discovered over 250 amino acids, of which 20 are important for human protein synthesis. Our body can make from these 20 amino acids over 5,000 different proteins. The e.g. but also for the formation of hormones, enzymes and the cells of the blood and the immune system.

The free and crystalline amino acids contained in Multi essential Amino Pattern tablets are naturally produced by bio-fermentation and are suitable for a vegan diet.

The vegan tablets contain less than 1% potato starch (Amylogum), which is needed to compress the high-quality raw materials into tablets. According to our contract manufacturer, a large and multi-certified operation, it is not possible to produce the tablets without a pressing aid. Since the content is less than 1%, we would not need to declare potato starch - but do so for reasons of transparency.

*** Proteins help build and maintain muscle mass.  

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